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Michelle Graham

363 Austin Lane
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Think Bees is a buzzing family business dedicated to preserving honeybees and never using chemicals in the hive or on the farm. Think Bees was created in 2008 in search of answers for the rapid decline in the honeybee population, that has been in the public eye the past few decades.  Soon after I started my search I met my mentor Bill Bishop who introduced me to the Russian Honeybee and its gentle breed. Then to a few of the members of the Russian Breeders Association were I acquired my 1st hives and continued to acquire queens of different Russian lines for the ultimate survivor stock.  We started out with Russian hives here at Graham Apiaries and we strive to keep the genetics going strong.   The farm is located away from conventional farms that have grown increasingly toxic. The land is covered in red maples, wild cherry trees, blueberries, blackberries, persimmons, crimson clover, sumac, gall berries, sweet pepper bush, and many other fall wildflowers like goldenrod and Florida pusley.

Think Bees Honey
345 Austin Ln,
Cross, SC 29436

Michelle Graham
Phone:  704-266-0233